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Meditation for Emotional Wellness Workshop

Saturday 23rd March 2019
2pm – 4.15pm
The Friends Meeting House, Egham

Emotional wellness is the art of being happy in your own skin. Being able to ride the ups and downs of life without getting stuck in negative thinking, or losing your joy in life.

This stuckness comes from embodied thinking – in other words our body becomes anxious or depressed as well as our mind. This is why yoga offers such a powerful antidote because by using movement, relaxation and mindfulness we can learn to reconnect with our real selves and cultivate the habit of ease and happiness that we need to truly enjoy the adventure of being alive.

The philosophy of yoga tells us that we are not the stories of our lives. Underneath the confusion of worries, memories, fears and disappointments we are still perfect beings – we don’t need to be fixed, but we do need to release those experiences which we have embodied.

In this workshop I will teach you some simple breathing, mindfulness and meditation techniques that can be integrated into everyday life and that you can use at home. The groups will be small to allow for plenty of individual attention. You will also receive a comprehensive handout detailing everything covered plus some additional meditations to practice at home.

If you wish there will be an opportunity to arrange a follow up one to one at a reduced price of £45 for an hour’s session to discuss progress and some advice on taking the practices more deeply.

For more information please contact: or 07860 581108

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Saturday 23rd March 2019            2pm – 4.15pm The Friends Meeting House Egham View Map  £40