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Awakening the Sacred Body with Tibetan Yoga

Although yoga evolved in India, it was spread by travelling sages to Tibet and China where over time the practices took on the cultural and spiritual identity of its new homelands.

In Tibet yoga is influenced by the Bon and Buddhist traditions bringing a richness and diversity to the practices that leaves them recognisable, but at the same time fascinatingly different to those of us more used to the traditional Indian approach as adapted by the West.

At the heart of Tibetan yoga is the belief that our true nature is openness through which we are connected to all beings. The problem is that in the hustle and bustle of daily life we lose sight of our true selves and fall into destructive patterns of behaviour such as busyness, ruminating, glossing over the good in our lives and generally allowing our thoughts and worries get in the way.

In this workshop we will use a selection of traditional practices including movement, breathing, meditation and chanting to work with ‘lung’, life force energy and to leave us feeling clear headed refreshed and inspired.

They are:
• The nine breathings of purification
• The five tsa lung exercises and the five chakras
• The five Tibetans
• The five warrior syllables

Research is being carried out at the University of Texas into the benefits of both the Warrior Syllables and the Tsa Lung exercises for people living with cancer. Dr Lorenzo Cohen reports that results are very promising and are due to be published soon.

Next dates:
When Time Where Cost
12 October 2014
2.15 pm – 4.15 pm Pastoral Hall United Church Egham View Map £25

For more information or to book please contact: or 07860 581108 / 01784 479974