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“When you lose touch with inner stillness, you lose touch with yourself, when you lose touch with yourself; you lose yourself in the world”
Eckhart Tolle

I love this quote because it beautifully sums up the experience of so many of us dealing with the normal stresses and strains of the modern world.

Practicing mindfulness and meditation brings us back to ourselves, helps us to feel comfortable in our own skin and to enjoy a sense of peace amidst all the demands and distractions of the world around us. I teach meditation in the classical yoga tradition using the breath, visualisation, and mantra but I also draw heavily on the Buddhist tradition of mindfulness which means being present in every moment, so that you can take your practice with you out into your everyday life.

People who practice regularly report that they sleep better and experience lower levels of anxiety. Most importantly by reconnecting with the self we can learn to let go of worries about past and future and to live more joyfully in the present moment.

I offer a monthly drop in class, and one to ones, and occasional workshops. If you would like to know more than contact me at: or 07860 581108.